History proves who we are...


we learned from every step we took


We were members of different teams active in different areas such as import, distribution and export. But after a while, we decided to collaborate together and aggregate all these experiences in one team. So we funded trade comfort team and started a business which is capable of import and sell along with marketing and export.


Long road to success

  • 2008 - 2004Selling food ingredients in Iran

    Our first step to enter food market. selling ingredients helped us to create a valuable network of producers and specialists
  • 2013 - 2008 Importing dairy cultures and ingredients

    Using our experience in supplying food market, we successfully tried to be a player in this market and to reach that, we chose Dairy market as a start. Because it is one of main products of Iran food market
  • 2020 - 2013 Signing exclusive distribution contracts in Iran

    After successfully testing distributor role, we decided to make a bigger step and exclusively work with suppliers and directly sell to customers. Our network was our main advantage that changed the situation on our benefit
  • 2020 - Today Starting Export Business

    Depending on our connections in market and focusing on our ability to supply wide variety of food products because of our strong relationship with producers, it was time to look at overseas and present fine Iranian products to international markets.

we are a young company that leans on team members with more that 20 years of business experience, trying to present local solutions to international partners