We will be your best friend during sourcing high quality and cost effective products that perfectly meet your expectations.

Our deep understanding of food market in Iran, and our network of specialists will be at your disposal to create unique opportunities for your business.  

We are committed to helping you through every step of the product sourcing process and facilitate this process and ensure your orders are produced at a competitive rate, with an appropriate level of quality assurance. besides, our experts will collaborate with you to avoid common mistakes that you may confront during procurement procedure. Also, we will guarantee that all your orders will be shipped by an experienced team to prevent any harm to products.

We will fulfil your requirements & facilitate procurement

Fruit Concentrate

 Healthy & Natural

Fruit concentrates are produced by evaporating  juice’s natural water content, leaving a juice more concentrated and significantly smaller in volume. Iranian manufacturers produce natural concentrates depending of wide range of fruits produced in Iran. 

Tomato Paste

No additives & Fresh

Iran is one of the main producers of tomato in the world, and because of different climate zones, agricultural products cover a wide range of taste. we will introduce you to the most adaptable products after receiving your target characteristics for the paste.


Nuts & Dried Fruits

Premium Quality

In fact nuts & dried fruits are nutrient-rich foods and constitute an excellent means to deliver health-promoting bioactive compounds to enhance your life and Iran is one of the most suitable places in the world to produce these products. Explore Iran market with us and get amazed.



Pure & Delicious 

In Iran, most of honey products are  manufactured under standard procedures and surveillance. But, the never find a chance to shine in international markets. we will be your partner to find pure, high quality and delicious honey which can be your reliable advantage.



High in Quality & Diversity

our suppliers are the most experienced and trusted family owned producers of pistachios which have been active in market for decades.